Through LPG massage (with the help of vacuum and rollers) it is possible to influence skin, hypodermic skin tissue, muscle tissue, joint apparatus and reflectively other organ systems.

The method was invented in 1986 in France and it includes three main areas:
• Endermology - cellulite treatment and figure adjustment
• LPG therapy
• LPG sport

Cellulite treatment is carried out as a general massage through a special costume or pantyhose. As the influence of the procedure the blood and lymph supply of the skin and hypodermic tissues are improved and the remains from the body are removed through kidneys. The elasticity of the skin is improved. The active course of treatment (10 times) should take place three times a week. If needed, the treatment is continued once or twice a week. To keep the accomplished effect, a procedure performed once a month is usually enough. One procedure lasts about 45 minutes.